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XC Racing

Torq 12-12 2016.
Antony and I have competed in this one a few times over the years and thought it would be fun this weekend to take it less seriously and do it on fat bikes. So along with #nickffoulkes and #richardnewell we had a go at the 4 man vets 12 hr category ......against the usually hardcore xc racers. Our expectations were low (so much so in fact we didn't even bother ditching the baggy shorts until lap 13, when it became clear we were doing so well that a third place podium was well within our grasp). The last hour of the race was tenterhooks with us battling against the mountaintrax team on their carbon race bikes. Finally they picked us with 15 seconds to spare so 4th for us, next year will go fully lycra'd. Note to self, bring a tent as the back of the pickup was far from comfy post race.

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