In search of the perfect trail

The Flow Bros


Simon has been a regular rider and racer with "The Dorking Cocks" for almost 10 years. He's known around the Surrey Hills as "Shagpile" (his other job being a carpet cleaner). His passion for the sport has taken him to the French, Italian, Spanish and Swiss Alps on "gravity assisted" holidays. Despite the appeal of these mountain ranges, his biggest thrill remains chasing down the endless miles of singletrack that crisscross the beautiful Surrey Hills. This regular diet of fast and flowing trails is supplemented with frequent trips to the Welsh and Scottish trail centres.

He has a strong team competitive urge that finds an outlet in the numerous races in which he competes. Mountain Mayhem, Dusk ‘til Dawn, Brighton Big Dog, SSUK and the Torq 12-12 are just some of the events at which you will see him on the start line. Altho he is equally happy chilling at the back of any social ride, shooting the breeze and fixing peoples broken bikes.

When not working, Simon enjoys twice weekly group riding, including night rides. He can often be found either leading or sweeping at the back of group rides. Whatever his role, he is always on the lookout for new and exciting trails that he can share.


The consumate athlete, Antony is, amongst other things, a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer (Morph Fitness) running boot camp courses. He is also a spin-class instructor at his local health club. His focus is on fitness and speed, to which end he races or competes for "Team Milo", "The Dorking Cocks" and Flowtastic in some sort of event on an almost weekly basis.

Mountain Mayhem, Dusk Til Dawn, Gorrick Seasons, Brighton Big Dog and Torq 12-12 are a few of the regular races he is seen competing in. Also as a Mountain Biker, he too has ridden in all the usual Alpine locations as well as competing in the point to point stages races such as Trans Rockies, Trans Alps, Trans Wales.

His biggest challenge being completing the South Downs Way Double 200 miles in less than 24 hours off road becoming only the 9th person in history to have completed it. As long as he is out on his bike and enjoying himself he is happy. Antony is also a supplier of energy bars, gels, sports drinks and nutritional products and advice from TORQ Energy and Forever Living, so you never get hungry on a Flowtastic ride!