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Kids Birthday Party Ride 13/4/2016

Wednesday morning we had Flynn just turned 8 with his Dad Mark and his friend Ricky along for a mornings guided ride. Starting from the top of Holmbury Hill,  we rode Surferosa, Yoghurt Pots, Telegraph, Jesse's Trail before the boys starting to show signs of tiring, goaded along with a few jelly bean breaks we made it to Barry Knows Best, the guys laughed all the way down and had such a blast we had to do it again, so to save little legs from the long drag back up to the top of the hill, Antony stayed at Peaslake with them to get the cheese straws in while I zipped back up the climb to Holmbury Hill to fetch the pick-up, drove down and uplifted them all to the trail head so we got to nail it again. Gorgeous weather, the trails are drying nicely and fun was had by all. Very impressed with eight year olds enthuisiasm, tenacity and level of biking! Oh and well done Mark, hope to see you again for a "dads ride". Happy Birthday Flynn


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