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Peak District Roadtrip 29/1/2016

This weekend began earlier for me and few good buddies Team Cube when we took the day off work on Friday and headed for Castletown in the Peak District for 3 days epic back country riding, with weather forecasts of 48mph winds, leaden skies and rain, sleet and snow on the way we knew it was going to be memorable. Day 1 saw us on a 20mile loop 3600 ft climbs courtesy of Ade and his trusty Garmin, Day 2 after a heavy night sampling way to many beers and single malts we met up with my Trans Savoie pals Stu and Jon aka "Berks on Bikes B.O.B. They both have an extensive knowledge of the area having ridden there many times before and took us out on the mother of wild big rides 36miles with over 5000ft of climbing......it ain't called the Peak District for nothin. Crazy changes of weather throughout the day, some of the most spectacular scenery in the UK and culminating in a final high speed night descent down a sketchy, muddy, rock, strewn chute with 40mph sleet and snow blinding us, left me with memories that'll last forever. Day 3 on tired legs we managed another 18.6miles and another 3500ft of climbing and stumbling hikeabike. After a reasonable snow fall the night before conditions were "interesting" making me wish for my fat bike until we starting hitting the rock gardens of "Jacob's Ladder" and my decision to take my 6 inch full susser was confirmed again. Our last run to us through a really really really muddy gullied field which had all of the 6 of us skidding slipping crashing our way down, I haven't laughed so much since I don't know when. What and awesome weekend. Might have to go again when the temperature reaches double figures???. Pics Courtesy of Russ and Jon, Thanks for organising this one Pete getting mountain bikers to all agree is like herding cats!

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