In search of the perfect trail

Last Huzzah before the Trans Savoie

Antony and I are off on the mtb adventure of our lives in a month. The Trans Savoie a 6 day Enduro stage race across the Swiss and French Alps, its advertised as one of the most technically and physically challenging events of its kind, where as well as the race we'll be rubbing shoulders with the Pro's also racing and staying in the rolling campsite. We've been training for a few months now with long XC rides both averaging well over 100 miles a week as well as technical practice with jumps, drops and switchbacks as we are expecting to have to attack all of these unseen at race pace. So last Saturday 25th July saw us at Bike Park Wales again with another couple of buddies Pete and Russell. The perfect venue to ride fast sweeping blue grade trails and test your metal on the more advanced red and black runs. I've been a few times already but previously avoided some the biggest obstacles on the Black runs as being not worth the potential risk. Pleased to say, we rode every trail and cleaned all the obstacles, well I guess that leaves us as ready as we'll ever be for the Trans Savoie, time to reign it in now for the remaining few weeks.

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