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Birthday Ride for Peter

Peter an experienced road cyclist and sometime mountain biker originally from Bristol and newly to London has a great girlfriend who had the forthought to buy him a guided ride in the Surrey Hills with us on Saturday 27th June as a birthday present. We enjoyed an interesting 21 mile loop over 3 hours taking in bits of Holmbury and Leith Hill. After a few adjustments to his suspension and cockpit set-up and some tips on cornering and riding the more technical trails we encountered, Peter noticed an enormous improvement to his riding and enjoyment and couldnt believe how such small alterations could make such a radical difference. Sadly the same can't be said for his guide Simon who on the final 1/2 mile back to the cars took his eye off the trail to check on Peter behind and boing, off over the bars and one very buckled wheel, uninjured apart from  dented pride, just goes to show, everyone gets it wrong sometimes, a new wheel and wing mirrors are now on Simons Xmas list. 

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